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“How to Live a Great Story”

Maintaining Your Faith When the Chapters are Rewritten


Before becoming a widow, Natalie was a sought-after speaker. She taught her popular “Couponing 101” class for over 10 years to groups all around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

But when her husband suddenly died, she immediately took a break from speaking and running her lifestyle/deals website so she could focus on her three boys. She wanted to be fully present and available for them, as they all began their grief journey.

About six months into widowhood, at around 4am when she couldn’t sleep, Natalie sat down at her computer and within an hour had written a one-women show entitled How to Live a Great Story. She said, “It was amazing to see how the words and songs lyrics poured out of my fingertips and onto the page with such order and clarity.”

And yes, you read that correctly. She said, “song lyrics.” Because what she now shares isn’t like a typical talk usually heard from a speaker on a platform standing behind a lectern — she bursts into song on multiple occasions.

    With a background in musical theater and stage performance, Natalie has the ability to communicate from a platform in a way that inspires AND also entertains.

    “I usually make people cry. I aim to make them laugh a lot, too,” Natalie said. “But most importantly, I hope audiences hear my story and leave knowing that no matter what unthinkable, painful circumstances we may encounter in life, every story has hope.

    Some of the main points she hits are:

    • After the loss of my husband, I endured horrific pain and trauma. But never despair.
    • The goodness of God is always surrounding us even when our world is shaken to it’s core.
    • I have a hope for my future and I know, without a doubt, that God works ALL things (even the death of a spouse) together for good to those that love Him.
    • Yes, the future I’d planned out in my head is different now. But that doesn’t mean my story is over. It’s just being written with different chapters.

    What People Are Saying...

    “Natalie was amazing! What a gift of communication she has! And what a beautiful story God is writing in her & her family that she is using to serve others. Absolutely loved it. Can’t imagine how that could possibly be topped this year. Great start for us mommas to remember to cherish each day even in the hard stuff and trust God with it all. Our only true hope is in Him.”

    ~ Moms Meeting Attendee, Young Mens Service League, (Aledo, TX)

    “Through her personal story of tragedy and hope, Natalie brought an inspiring message that resonated across a virtual platform AND in a corporate setting with an audience holding varying beliefs. The lessons she shared could be easily applied to anyone of any faith. Plus, the tips she provided at the conclusion of her presentation during the Q&A session were instrumental in equipping the audience to care for friends and family who are grieving.”

    Kim B., Senior Director, SiriusXM (Dallas, TX)

    “Natalie is a one-woman show! She delivers a powerful message in a unique and unforgettable format. She was engaging, witty and held everyone’s attention the whole meeting. We enjoyed her and are grateful she came to speak to our group. 

    Rikki A., Speaker Coordinator, Mothers of Preschoolers (Frisco, TX)

    Want Natalie to speak to your Group?

    Contact us HERE with a little information about your organization, location and preferred dates.

    Run time: Approximately 30 minutes. (Optional Q&A Session and walk-through of her popular post “10 Immediate and Tangible Ways to Help a Grieving Friend” are also available.)

    Please note: There is no speaking fee. This is a ministry to serve and bless others.


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